Fibaro fgs-101 flood sensor Unknown device

Hi All,
I have a razberry controller, and I can’t get my fgs-101 fibaro flood sensor working:

I really can’t understand how and if it’s possible to manually update the database. Device is online but I can’t get the channels.
Please help me

I do not see that listed in our zwave database here.

I believe we need a copy of the xml file generated buy OH to get it added.

@sihui or @chris am I correct?

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ok but really I can’t find any guide to know how can I add it manually?

It’s probably this -:

My first guess is that the device needs to be woken up so that it can be discovered. If you click the SHOW PROPERTIES button in the image above, what do you see? Does it show the device type properties or not? If not, then the device is not discovered - if the information is there, then it’s not in the database.

These are the two options that you see in the image above…

seems that firmware is 3.3 so I will get the right xml should be this but how I upload to openhab? thanks a lot

I guess we should ask another important question - what version of the binding are you running?

I think your device is already in the database -:

@chris I’m running openhab 2.3.0, how can I solve it?

2.3 is really very old (over 1 year) so you should update to something newer. I’m not completely sure when this was added, but ideally you should probably use 2.5 to be sure.

@chris do you mean update only the binding or the whole openhab? I never did it…

I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that the 2.5 binding will not work with the 2.3 runtime as new features were added (eg the Unit of Measure features). Probably you will need to update the runtime as well I’m afraid.

@chris sudo openhabian-config which one of this it’s better to upgrade?

Hmmm - sorry, I’m not an openhabian user. I think the docs provide an overview of the different options, or maybe @Bruce_Osborne might be an openhabian user or may have come across a reference?

Thanks it worked!!! Updated to the last openhabian (2.4) and it’s now working