Fibaro FGS-224: switch not updated in Openhab

Hello All,
I hope somebody can support here.
I have an Fibaro FGS-224 Double smart module in Openhab 3.
After thing discovery, it offers three switch channels to me:

  • zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary
  • zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary1
  • zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary2
    This is the first topic I don’t get: Why three channels?

My setup is basic:
To S1 and S2 switches are connected and they control lights connected to Q1 and Q2.
It works as expected, when using the items linked to switch_binary1 and switch_binary2 in openhab, the lights can be turned on and off and the item state in openhab is updated accordingly.
When using the physical switches the lights can be turned on and off as well, but the state of the items switch_binary1 and switch_binary2 is not updated. This is my problem.

Things I have already discovered:

  • I linked an item to switch_binary. This item is updated, when the switches connected to S1 and S2 change their state. It seems to me, that the updates from both Inputs (S1&S2) are routed to this third switch channel. Why?

  • I put the zwave binding to debug mode and turned both switches on (see log in attachment)
    to_forum.log (5.8 KB)

As observed with the items, both updates are routed to zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary

My expectation is, that the first logged event is routed to zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary1 and the second is routed to zwave:device:89b391e073:node51:switch_binary2

It seems to me like a bug in the database, but I’m not sure, how to proceed from here.

Thanks for support,

Can’t say I have an answer as to why, but it appears the device is sending from the root (0) when manually operated. First thought is to delink the switch_binary channel (if linked) and try again. I don’t have the device, but did some test on a dual relay I do have. Also somewhat confusing is why the first switch sends a basic set from root and ID’ed as about EP1 and the other switch sends a switch binary from the root without the ID as to the EP responsible.

came recently back to this issue and started from scratch:
Basically I deleted the smart module from the network and reconnected it.
That did the trick!
Unbelievable easy, should have tried that from the beginning, but the partially working function made me think, that’s the network inclusion is not the topic.
However, it works now, therefore I mark this as solved.

I’ve got the same issue except my hasn’t been resolved by re-adding a relay to the controller. Any ideas how to solve the problem?

Probably going to need a debug level log while operating the device. The symptoms could be the same, but the problem could be different.

Could you kindly check if “controller” is assigned in the first association group? Also check poll time of the device.

My configuration:

  • (20) S1 input – switch type 2 (but I tested all: 0,1,2)
  • (21) S2 input – switch type: 2 (but I tested all: 0,1,2)
  • (150) First channel – operating mode: 0
  • (151) Second channel – operating mode: 0
  • (156) S1– Switch ON value to 2. association group: 255
  • (157) S1– Switch OFF value to 2. association group: 0
  • (159) S2–Switch ON value to 3rd association group: 255
  • (160) S2-Switch ON value to 3rd association group: 0
  • Pooling period: 86400
  • Command Poll Period1500

Association group:

  • (1) Lifeline: Controller (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5)
  • (2) On/Off 1: None (I also tested with ‘Controller’ value)
  • (3) On/Off 2: None (I also tested with ‘Controller’ value)

I’ve got three channels configured:

  • switch_binary
  • switch_binary1
  • switch_binary2

All channels work when it comes to switching relays. Channels switch_binary and switch_binary1 both control the first relay. The second relay is controlled by switch_binary2.

The problem I have is that only one channel (switch_binary) reports its status back to the controller when I use physical buttons. Two other channels do not send any fedback when I use physical buttons. Still the relays work fine regardless of using buttons or openHAB dashboard.