Fibaro FGS dosen't send update

I bought a new Fibaro FGS 223 last week. There was no problem to include the device and OH show the correct name of the device. But the device doesn’t update the status (watt, switch, …). The turn on/off works fine.

I have already older FGS 223 in use, which i bought last year. And these devices works fine. The older and the newer devices have the same firmeware version. The settings are same. For the newer device I have set association in addition. But it’s doesn’t have any impact. In the Habmin network viewer I can see, that the new device doesn’t have a connection to another device. I have tried it with OH2.0 (release) and OH2.1 (latest build). Does anybody know, what’s the mistake. Maybe the new device is out of order.

The only association needed should be Lifeline set to the openHAB controller if you want to control that device only from openHAB and not through other devices directly.

At least it should have a connection to node 1, the controller.

If not I would try to exclude and include it again…

Thanks. After I had included the device again, the network viewer shows the connection. The device send now an update for turn on / off action and if the power increase. But if power goes down I get an update after about 8 - 10 minutes. I guess that the device has an defect.

You can change that behavior with configuration parameters (starting with parameter 50, see the manual).

Thanks, But these parameter I still have set to a low value with no impact for the behavior.