Fibaro FGS213 Single Switch2 Power Consumption problem

I have a Fibaro FGS213 Single Switch 2. The switch works well, is perfect.
I try to show the actual power usage and there is where i have the problem.
I tried to use the Sensor(Power) function, which works well by the Fibaro Wall plug, but this dont update at all, showing -NaN the whole time.
I tried after this the Electric meter (watts) function, which shows the actual power consumption, but the update is not really OK.

If i use the switch from Paper UI, the value updates ok.
If i use the switch with HabPanel app(android normal and beta), the value sometime updating, sometime not, sometime catching wrong value.
If i use the switch from HabPanel(same PC, same Browser like Paper UI), the value dont updating at all.
If i use the switch mechanical with the switch on the wall, the value dont updating.

What im doing wrong?