Fibaro FGSD: send alarm to another FGSD devices


I have several Fibaro Smoke Detectors FGSD-002 and I would like to have some detectors to react (sound alarm) when another detector is beeping because of fire detection.
For example, I would like my bedroom’s detector to beep if a fire is detected at the other side of my house by close-to-kitchen’s detector.
I have tried to play with association group, by adding bedroom’s detector into kitchen’s detector group 4. When an alarm is triggered in the kitchen by using test spray, bedroom’s detector stays quiet…
Is it the good way to do that?
But… is it possible?

As a workaround, I thought about waking up detector from OpenHAB, but I don’t know how to realize that and if it is possible…

Thanks for your help.

No - I don’t think this will be possible since the FGMS is a battery device so it can’t receive commands from other devices.

It’s not possible. Battery devices sleep most of the time and there’s no way to wake them up,

Bottom line is that this is not possible and you should add a separate siren.

Thanks for your quick answer.
I’m quite disappointed by this behaviour… :frowning:
Especially because some cheaper RF433 detectors are able to do that…

It’s not a problem with zwave, it’s a problem with Fibaro: the POPP 4001 can do that, it also can act as a separate siren:

It’s really an issue with the way battery devices work in ZWave. Most of them sleep 99.99% of the time and during this time, the can’t receive at all to conserve battery life. Some do use ‘beaming’ to allow messages to be sent with a high latency, but still reasonably quickly (either 0.25 seconds, or 1 second delay), but this is normally limited to things like door sensors, sirens etc where the device is designed to be used in real time. In this case the battery life will be less.