Fibaro FGSD002 & FGCD001 Status of Alarms?

I have installed one Carbon Monoxide Sensor and one FGSD002 Smoke Detector from Fibaro.
Both are integrated successfully in openhab2 with Z-Wave USB Stick.
Both showing the temperature and battery level.
But all the alarms seems not working - see screenshots:

I’ve read that the status of the alarm should be “OK”.
Is there a configuration issue?


Unless set with rules or manually triggered all Items default to a state of null since OH does not know its previous state without persistence.

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Thanks @Bruce_Osborne
so I need a rule for each alarm to set the default state to “OK”?
Is there an example for that?

Here are some suggestions from the official documentation.

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Not necessarily. You can interpret NULL as meaning “no alarm” or “OK” in a user facing UI with a simple MAP.

But really, you need to establish if these sensors only report alarms, or should be reporting a positive “OK”.

I would advise against persisting the state of any alarm sensor. It kind of defeats the point, you might as well have a dummy Item fixed to “OK”.


Would it not be better & more accurate to map NULL to Unknown? Otherwise persistence may give a more accurate state.

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I don’t know. It depends on whether these sensors actually positively report OK (eventually, being battery devices) or only report alarms.