Fibaro FGT-001 thermostatic valve not behaving as configured

Hi, I’ve noticed some related topics to FGT-001 but they were old, unsolved, and lacked some details.

I use openHAB 3.2.0, Build #2529 (openhabian).

My problem is similar: I have an FGT-001 that I believe is correctly mounted, and it doesn’t shut down the valve when the setpoint is set low (either by Z-Wave or by hand).

I’ve configured the Additional Functions to a bitmask value of 520, meaning 512 + 8, meaning: “enabled LED indications when controlling remotely” (8) and “detecting heating system failure” (512).

Not setting bits 0 or 1 should mean no “open window” detection.

I expected the read-only “Additional functions status” to reflect that, but it still says 2 (meaning open window detected). It also has a label that says “PENDING”. It’s been saying that for about a day now.

I paired the external temperature sensor and I know it worked because the device blinked in green as per documentation. However, the bit that should denote that, bit 0 “optional temperature sensor connected and operational”, is not set.

Neither are LED indications enabled when I change the setpoint remotely. Nothing lights up as I increase or decrease the value (although the change is propagated into the device: if I touch it, the LED comes on, and the colour denoting the current setpoint temperature is correct).

I’ve performed calibration a number of times.

Regardless of setpoint, the valve is always open; not fully open as far as I can tell, which is even more odd. I’m attaching the graph that shows the temperature evolution since I’ve installed the valve. Note that during all this time the setpoint has been 14 degrees and the valve is turned all the way to white (no heating). With a regular valve, in closed mode, this room gets quite cold (around 17 degrees).


As I write this I can hear the valve actuating, although I’m not changing anything. The battery has also gone down 10% in the past few hours, which seems to indicate some confusion-generated extra work.

Has anyone been able to make FGT-001 play nice with OpenHAB, or should I just get another Z-Wave valve? (In which case I appreciate recommendations)

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