Fibaro FGWP102 Wall Plug doesn't update the energy consumption

My fibaro FGWP102 doesn’t update the energy consumption to the controller. The controller get only the consumption if it polls to the device. I have tried every association combination but nothing works. At the moment I have assign each association group to the zwave controller.

Does have anyone an idea, what can I do. I use the stable openhab2. Other devices like the fibara 223 or the Greenwave device reports the consumption to controller.


doesn’t help, but I have the same problem here. Can’t find any solution.


Did you check parameters 13 and 14 ?

Maybe that’s the problem. The configuration parameter are different to the manual by fibaro.In current zwave binding 2.0.0 there is no parameter 13 and 14.

I think there are multiple versions of this device - which one do you have? I’ve not checked myself, but I’m told that the firmware is very different between them.

I have Type 0602:1001
Firmware Version: 3.2

I have bought this device this week

I have downloaded this manual from the fibaro website

Ok, so from what I’m told, this is a “totally” new device (from a firmware perspective). I’ve not checked myself, but I’m told that the parameters are totally different to the old one, and currently there is no data at all in the database -:

See this issue here for more information (feel free to comment there as well :slight_smile: ) -:

Ultimately, someone will need to add the parameters into the database for this device…

If I know how to add the parameter to the database I can try it

Take a look here. You’ll need to register, and also to email me so I can update your access so you can edit / add stuff, but hopefully it’s reasonably easy…


I have got a 0602:1001, running on Firmware version 3.2. I’m running OH2 unstable Release 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT Builld #841 (15th of March), with zwave binding version The Fibaro Wallplug is found and can be switched within OH2. Unfourtnately in Habmin there are no configuration parameters shown.
Does anyone know, what I can do to see the configuration parameters? Also the Kwh are show wrong. I think, it’s an issue of the zwave binding (or the database). Does it help to upgrade to newest OH2 unstable? Currently 2.1.0~20170321232103-1 is offered for apt upgrade.

Or can I upgrade zwve binding database somehow?

I guess this is confusing - I think this discussion is about issues with ZWave, not ZWay?

I don’t know why there wouldn’t be any configuration parameters if you’re running a recent version of the binding - if the device is found, then it should be ok?

What is wrong? The database looks ok - maybe you have a logfile?

You are right. Sorry. I will delete my post to not confuse anymore.


this is how habmin looks like for the device:

The Kwh shows:

That’s not possible, 8 Watt LED is connected and was running aprox 1 hour

As I said, I don’t see anything wrong with the database so do you have a logfile please.

of course, were is it stored? I’m using openhabian

further information, it’s an FIBEFGWPF-102-5 (Version 5), maybe it’s to new for the binding? … or it’s simply not possible to edit parameters?
Binding version is:
217 | Active | 80 | | ZWave Binding | org.openhab.binding.zwave

A FGWP-101 works perfectly and I can administrat all parameters…

But you said that the version, type and ID were the same as in the database right? So it can’t be too new if it’s in the database :wink:

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OK, created DEBUG log. I’ve done a reinitailsation of the device.
I renamed it to xml and split it to 4 files according file size issues :wink:
openhablog1.xml (960.5 KB)
openhablog2.xml (915.1 KB)
openhablog3.xml (911.3 KB)
openhablog4.xml (164.1 KB)

I hope, you can find something, as it is a strange behaviour. Let me know, if you need further logs or informations.


today I updated to latest version of OH2 (unstable) and Zwave Binding. After update I was “forced” to delete the zwave Device. After adding again, all parameters are shown now.

The only “error” which is currently existing is, that the power consumption is metered wrong. The screenshot below shows 201313.35 KWh. This value is wrong. There’s a LED connected to the wall plug, which takes 7,7 Watt. The LED was lighted max for 3 hours. So I think, that there’s still an issue with that value. Also the 7,7 Watt are shown two times, maybe this is also an issue…