Fibaro FGWP102 Wall Plug Switch Power Consumption or Electric meter?

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Hi everybody,

I am using a Fibaro Wall Plug and started configuring the Parameters with Habmin. There I saw, that I have two different items, first one called Sensor (power) Energy Consumption (SensorPower) and second one Electric meter (watts) (ElectricMeterWatts). I thought that both of them show me the actual power consumption, but they are displaying different values (see picture).

Can somebody explain me the difference between the two items? I could not find any information at the Fibaro manual.

Have a nice evening!


Energy consumption - indicates power consumed by device (in kWh).
Electric meter - the rate at which energy is used (Watts).

Longer explanation: webpage-with-details


Thank you! Basically this is clear. But take a look at this screenshot from habmin:

There you can see:

  1. Sensor (power)
  2. Electric meter (watts)
  3. Electric meter (kWh)

For me the first and second channel should show the same value (from physic side) but that not the fact. The third channel is clear to me. What is the difference between the first and second channel?



Now I can see the reason of your question :wink:
I do not know why it shows 3 values, but maybe look here:

Another possible reason - You can set option to report energy consumption without energy consumed by the plug itself. Maybe one of the values stores cumulative plug consumption?


  1. Measuring energy consumed by the Wall Plug itself

This parameter determines whether power metering should include
the amount of power consumed by the Wall Plug itself. Results are
being added to the value of power consumed by controlled device.

I am also always confused by the electrical unit mismatch in the Z-Wave binding:
sensor_power should be in [W] and should NOT be named Energy consumption - it is power consumption.
meter_watts and meter_kwh are fine (although meter_watts did not provide data here - so I always only use sensor_power and meter_kwh)

Please feel free to propose changes. Most of these channels were put together at the same time and there are likely cut and paste errors, or just errors because I didn’t think it through properly. It won’t change unless someone provides the feedback so please feel free to raise an issue on this clearly stating the changes you think should be made.


I’ve the same misunderstanding here.

Let me try to summarise, and let me know if I’m wrong.

The first property (sensor_power) is the Energy transmitted in real time. So it should be in W.

The second property, the meter_kwh, is the Power used by the attached device during a specific period of time (from the last reset -> meter_reset). And it is correctly in kWh

The third, meter_watts, is my problem. I’m not understanding what is means.

If I perform a meter_reset (that in facts is not resetting the “total power consumption”, but the “total energy consumption”), the meter_kwh is 0.0, but the meter_watts sometimes increases, sometimes decreses, and I’m not understanding the rationale.

Please consider for all my tests the parameter 49 (Metering energy consumed by the Wall Plug itself) was always inactive on all my wall plugs.

Any help? :slight_smile:


Your device has two Command Classes that provide the power in Watts that the device is currently using. The sensor_power and meter_watts channels use these separate Command Classes, but provide the same information.

meter_watts and senor_power are the instantaneous electrical power and will fluctuate based on what is plugged into the device. meter_kwh is a measure of energy (integral of power over time), and will continuously increase. If meter_watts reads 1000W for 1 hour, meter_kwh will increase by 1.

So seems enough to track only sensor_power and meter_kwh … right?



By me is even more confusing:
Sensor Power = 94,8
Electric Meter(W) = 96,4
Electric Meter(kWh) = 48,4

The Electric Meter(W) seems to be more or less constant, but the Sensor Power is changing(95,9-94,8-93,6…)

Now both(Sensor power and Electric meter(W)) are 93,8

Very strange

Seems the 2 Values are every time the same, just the one updates much frequent as the other, but no real difference between the values. Maybe something wrong in the database?

I understand the rationale with different command classes. Also, unfortunately the openhab docs for the plug still confusingly says that sensor_power “Indicates the energy consumption (kWh)”.

If sensor_power and meter_watts showed the same value I’d be set, but my problem is that they are way off. As I’m writing this, I’m getting a ~152 for sensor_power and a ~57 for meter_watts. Looking at the logs, updates at the same-ish time are very different, and on top of that the meter_watts is only updated about 10% as many times as sensor_power.

@chris any updates on this? I am pretty confused with sensor_power and meter_watts. I want to monitor energy usage, therefore I am writing value into influxDB onUpdate and everyMinute. I am visualizing it with Grafana.

I have 4 types of devices from Fibaro: FGR222 (Roller Shutter), FGS213 (Single Switch), FGD212 (Dimmer), FGS223 (Double Switch).

I did find this Excelsheet:
COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_BINARY is status deprecated there

I have not personally changed anything and I don’t know if someone else has.

I’m not sure why that is related to power so maybe I miss something?

Sorry, seems I did confuse you too. I shouldn’t have mentioned the excelsheet, I do not know Z-Wave well enough. Sorry.

I do understand Electric meter (kWh) - this is the energy consumed in total. It can be manually resetted. The OP did understand it from the very beginning, the first answers where mixing it up.

Where the heck is the difference between Electric meter (watts) and Sensor (power) ?

One of my roller shutters keeps reporting Electric meter (watts) : 126.9W constantly(!) while Sensor (power) doesn’t even have value. Another roller shutter reports 120W for both while operating, and 0W while not operating. Both are the same model and FW is 25.25.

I did read

There is no difference.
For the FGR 222 sensor_power is the current power consumption (for example while the motor is moving) and meter_kwh is the accumulated energy.
There are already several discussions about this in this forum, if you are interested you may find them through the search function.

It would have been nice if you read the whole thread, your question was already answered before:

I did search the forum. This was the best suited thread I was able to find.

My devices show different data for Electric meter (watts) and Sensor (power). That’s the reason I did post here :frowning:

Currently I a thinking about the parameters which alter the reports of the device. Maybe I can get the right behavior with it. I did not touch any of these parameters yet.