Fibaro flood sensor new version not in database - maybe

Hello everyone,

as I haven’t posted about a possible new zwave devices, I hope this category is ok.

I’m using openHAB with multiple zwave sensors and everything is fine. However I bought a Fibaro flood sensor which seems to be of a newer version than the database knows. If so I’d like to ask whether it could be added.

The fibaro flood sensor states version 3.3 and when adding using habmin it is recognized as


Do you need further details? It’s the regular fibaro sensor which looks like a UFO, and can be connected to external sensors or alert system (optional). It has three sensor on the bottom.

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Check if the device is already in the database
If it isn’t you can add it in there

It’s here:

What is your issue? It looks like it is recognized okay. Did you wake up the sensor manually?