Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 not recogniced

Just opened a brand new sensor of this type and tried to discover it. Turns up as unknown device.

Seems like the Type / ID for these are new : 0801:1002 and that the DB needs to be updated with that info.

Being new to this I wonder how I can contribute for the database to be up to date with these new ids seen


I’ve updated the database - the binding snapshot will be updated in the next day or so…

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Hi guys,

I have Fibaro motion sensor 0801:1002 and after 3 times I’ve tried to connect it to Z-Wave it finally appears in paper UI as proper fibaro sensor. Unfortunately I had to again reconnect it to Z-wave network and problems came back - Im constantly see the motion sensor as unknow device.

Best regards

Last time I added one of these (a couple weeks ago), I had to manually wake it up repeatedly (probably a couple dozen times) before it was fully recognized/initialized.

Thanks - it starts to work. :slight_smile:

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