Fibaro Motion sensor super inconsistent

Hi everybody,
I’ making my first steps with Z-Wave right now.
I chose a ZMEEUZB1 Stick and got a Fibaro Dimmer 2 working without a problem.
Now I want to add a Fibaro Motion Sensor.
I can’t get it running consistently. Sometimes everything (temperature, luminescence, motion tamper) works, sometimes just motion and tamper, sometimes nothing. I can’t see a pattern.
I’ve read here that the sensor should be very consistent. So I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong in the configuration.
At the moment I’m using Paper UI discovery and simple item linking, to be sure I don’t make a mistake in the manual configuration.
I tried removing and rediscovering it multiple times, resetting the sensor, restarting openhab, deleting the cache. The result is, I have 4 nodes for the same sensor. If I delete them, all 4 of them are rediscovered.
First: How can I remove the multiple nodes?
Second: Does anyone have an idea where to start to find out where the problem is? I’m pretty lost.
Thanks and best regards

Most of users here do not use Simple Mode even though it is mentioned in the tutorial.
@5iver @sihui and @chris are the major Z-Wave experts here.
If the motion sensor does not have a good Z-Wave signal either directly from the controller or possible routed through the dimmer, results can be inconsistent.

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Hi Bruce,
Thanks for your feedback. I think the signal can’t be the problem because the dimmer is 3 rooms away and is working without an issue. For testing purposes, at the moment, the motion sensor is 30 cm away from the Z Wave stick.

I am sure at least 2 of those experts are sleeping right now (Germany & UK) but they are dedicated and can help.

Definitely not in that order :slight_smile:.

For a beginner with only two nodes, I suggest you exclude your devices (this is good practice for the future) and then hard reset your controller. You’ll find the option in the Thing. For zwave, you should also learn to use Habmin. It is more functional for zwave devices and Paper UI has some issues when configuring devices. You can install Habmin through Paper UI.

I recommend that you do not use Simple mode, as it makes things harder!

Once you have reset, reinclude your mains powered device first, then include the motion sensor. You’ll need to wake it up several times. This is usually the same process as putting the device into inclusion mode, like pressing a button. You can find details about waking up the devicein the device database (I’d give a direct link to your device, but you haven’t told us the model). Once you see the device recognized in the Inbox, then add it in. It’s best not to move zwave devices around, since they will lose their routes. If you do, you’ll need to heal the device in order to let it and the other devices know where it is and the best way for it to communicate with the controller.

Which version of OH are you using? This probably is not a factor, but it’s always good information to include when asking for help. Are you moving the sensor around or has it always been close to the controller? BTW, 30cm is a bit too close… give it some space. Another thing to check would be the battery voltage, to make sure it is not getting low.


To keep things short, I’ll just agree with a couple of @5iver’s points :wink:

I would suggest to use one of the 2.5 versions - at least 2.5M2 or the snapshot.

Completely agree - it’s easy to think closer is better, and probably it is fine, but it’s also possible to overload a receiver if the transmitter is too close and the receiver is cheap (as most IoT devices tend to be :wink: ).

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Thanks so much for your help guys. I started z wave from scratch with Habmin and text based items (like I normally do) and everything worked on the first try :slight_smile: The waking up so it accepts the configuration also was a big problem before I think.