Fibaro RGBW Controller 2, control outputs for water valves

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Maybe someone can enligthen my mind.
I was following a blog to use the RGBW Controller 2 for controlling water valves.
However, this blog was using RGBW Controller 1.
As far as I can see there is no possibility with Controller 2 to use it in “Input/Output” Mode and independent In/Outputs.

How is it possible with RGBW Controller 2 to turn on the outputs without a physical switch connected? The outputs seem to be related to the inputs.

Until now, I achieved the following “workaround”:

  • momentary connect IN1 (using a regular cable) so IN1 has state “ON”
  • Control output using dimmer item via UI (0 / 100)
    Like this I try to control dimmer item using Rules to set “dimming” to 0 or 100 (On/Off).
    But if I try to post 0 or 100 to dimmer item, status is reflected in UI but not “physical”. It only works by changing dimmer manually via UI.

Does someone has a better idea to achieve my goal with the valves or can tell me how to control dimmer in rules?


My Fibaro RGBW controllers have these channels:

.items file:

Dimmer GarageLEDstrip             (div)                  { channel = zwave:device:16ec84206e0:node87:switch_dimmer5" }

GarageLEDstrip.sendCommand(brightCounter) // 0-100%
Note: there are device parameters for min/max dimming

I have never cared about any of the Inputs.
Hope this helps.

It seems you are running RGBW Controller 1 and not 2 (FGRGBW-442)?
Maybe I can try “sendCommand” in Rule instead of “postUpdate”

Frankly I’m not quite sure, but they are a few years old.
Which channels do you get for your device?

In my head, sendCommand is the correct thing to do.

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Yes - I use multiple of them without having the inputs connected at all.
A couple of weeks ago another use asked the same thing and I provied a link where I showed the item configuration.

Using “sendCommand” the values are also reflected “physically”. Thanks for that hint.

Which link exactly do you mean?
I read (again) thrue the following discussion “How do I control FGRGBW-442 RGBW Controller 2” and saw some item configurations. But I didn’t notice anything that could save me a physical switch.

If I unpower and repower the device (Param 1 = 0) I can not control the “brightness”. I first have to momentary conntect the corresponding input.
What values do you have for Param 20-23? My values are 2 (default)
Do you have any Params which are not default and which can remove this behaviour?

However I’m not able to change/save any of the parameters. But I saw another post which is discussing this.

As I said - I’m using multiple devices without anything connected to the input of the devices.
There is no need to connect a switch to control the outputs.

There is a master brightness however and you have to set it to 100% on startup (and the rest to 0).
It’s the first channel of the device.

I was able to isolate the cause.

Originally I tried to use dimmer1 to control valve1 on out1 (R). But it seems that out1 (R) is related to dimmer2. Now to be able to switch dimmer2 On (100) , dimmer1 has to be On (100) too.

Channel “dimmer” seems to follow values of “dimmer1”, so I’m not sure what the difference is between this two.

Many thanks for your help

I still wonder if the available channels for output control for the two RGBW devices are the same?

Channel 1 is the Master Dimmer, Channel 2,3,4,5 is rgbw.
If you have a color set, you can fade the complete color with the master dimmer up and down.
I however set it once to 100% and then control the individual channels directly.

They are. RGBW2 has an additional ColorChannel, but I am not 100% sure about this.

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At least the channels are named different.
One more important difference I think is that you can not use the Input and outputs independently.
As far as I know with RGBW Controller 1 this is possible.
For me that means that I have to use a different device for my soil moisture sensors, i.e. “Fibaro Smart Implant” or another RGBW2 only for inputs…

I can confirm that detatching inputs from ouputs for RGBW1 is possible

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