Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Zwave - Problem physical push button double click

I have 14 of those rollter shutter 2 devices installed.
While 12 work like a charm I have a strange behaviour that 2 of them only work with a DOUBLE CLICK on the down button (physical push button). The up button works the normal way with a single click.

anybody had that issue and can shed light on me? would like to get them working with a single click.

Have you changed the push button switch and checked the cord?
Because thats not a oH-problem, maybe you can post it better in the fibaro-forum.

Are all the same typ and have the same firmware?

yes and yes … i posted in the hardware forum as I also thought its Openhab offtopic but nethertheless most expierience is here

yes … als brand new with latest firmware

Then you have guaranty and can exchange it.

already tried it with another fgrm222 … same behaviour on the same shutters.
Cabling is confirmed with a duspol and everything is good…

So I assume the FGRM222 has some config parameters (like p18) that might have an effect to that.
Just wanted to find people who had that issue … cant believe I am the first :smiley:

Check zwave parameter 14 (compare working device to bad ones).
Potentially #3, #10, too.