Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 combined with ZMEEUZB1 - not recognized2

i think i’m running a popular System with a 2.5OH on a Raspberry. My ZWAVE-Things are controlled with a ZMEEUZB1-Stick (bought in 02/2018).
… and they work fine with 3 Roller Shutters 2 ( FGR-222).

I recently bought an FGR-223 … and my setup doesn’t recognize it … and I don’t know how to narrow it down:

  • is the FGR-223 defective?
  • does the ZMEEUZB1 need an update to recognize an FGR-223 at all?

… or is my current test configuration wrong - here I have “tricked” something:
Since the installation of a roller shutter module is rather complex and I had to dismantle it after each (negative) test, I simply wired the FGR-223 with a power plug:

My question has someone solved a similar problem or, if necessary, someone knows an adequate Z WAVE forum that produces feedback that is at least half as fast and qualified as this one :wink:

Probably not. Firmware version 5.0 does not work properly, maybe it started working with 5.1.

Please post your xml from you userdata zwave folder.

No, should be fine.

No, looks good, too.

Same setup here with 6 rollershutters, working great. I still have to automate 4 more shutters, I think about buying used FGR222 as those are not available anymore. :sunglasses:

… eh, Can you name the full path to this folder?

That varies depending on they type of installation.

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… you mean this? … which file(s) …?:

The one that contains the node number of the device in question. Since you did not provide this information we are unable to assist further.

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I’m afraid nobody can really help - the node numbers from the screenshot are the recognized and functioning 3 roller shutters (+ the ZMEEUZB1 and a keyfob switch). :sob:

Then please post the content of one of those files (for a FGR223)

That appears to be help to me unless you are already running firmware 5.1 or later.

Btw, you still have some old xml files from very old zwave bindings in your zwave folder, delete them:


the 3 (working) Roller shutters are FGR-222 … the only (new) FGR-223 is my problem …

Then it is not properly included and initialized, factory reset and include again.

how can i select which firmware the roller shutter got …?

You can’t select it. Please reinclude until you have a valid xml.

Resetting to factory defaults

Reset procedure allows to restore the device back to its factory settings, which means all information about the Z-Wave controller and user configuration will be deleted.

  1. Switch off the mains voltage (disable the fuse).
  2. Remove the device from the wall switch box.
  3. Switch on the mains voltage.
  4. Press and hold the B-button to enter the menu.
  5. Wait for the LED indicator to glow yellow.
  6. Quickly release and click the B-button again.
  7. After few seconds the device will be restarted, which is signalled with the red LED indicator colour.

i swear i’ve done more than 10 factory resets an the FGR-223 like this:

Then the device is probably broken.
Did you buy a used one? Then I guess it is firmware version 5.0.

… ups … you write much faster :slight_smile:

Yes, because I don’t like something like:

while we are waiting for you posting the xml file.

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Some Fibaro devices are tricky to reset, if the above procedure does not work try: