Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 FGR223 rule trigger

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Synology
    • OS: DSM 6.2.2
    • Java Runtime Environment: 8
    • openHAB version: 2.5.2
    • Zwave binding: 2.5.2

I’m using a Roller shutter 3 (FGR223 FW 5.1) to control an awning (Markise) mounted on top of a glass roof. When the awning goes down and stops, then the awning cloth touches the glass. This can be avoided by changing direction and going up for a short moment (e.g. 1s).

I would like openhab to do this automatically, but I fail to create a useful trigger point that triggers when the awning made a stop after a DOWN command.

In general I can trigger on the command DOWN …

    Item zwave_device_c6dd6a91_node6_blinds_control1 received command DOWN

and I could do the same for the command STOP.

Another problem:
It seems as if the device does not receive a STOP command when the blinds stop. A STOP command is only sent when I press the STOP button in the UI.
e.g. when it arrives at the lower endpoint or
e.g. when the device is ordered to get to 75% via SendCommand…


Is there a way to trigger when the awning made a stop after a DOWN command?

As a workaround I could always press the STOP button in the UI and trigger the rule. But that’s not what I’m aiming at.


No, but you could trigger the rule on the state change of the shutter and check to see if the state is STOP and previous state is DOWN.

Well, then I will try with triggering on item change of power consumption. Will be interesting to see how properly the the itemis updated…