Fibaro Roller Shutter FGRM-222 with Venetian Blinds - Lamellas Position


Any chance to look into:


any change to look into and share an update on:

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Sorry - I can’t find the logs that show the received messages. This thread is full of links, that link to other links, and then to other links, before linking back to a link I already linked to… :wink:

Can you provide a clean log showing the issue please.


Currently traveling and not able to provide logs, but all revelant logs are in post:

When you get a chance, please provide a log with the latest binding and I’ll take a look.


Hi @chris

Upgraded to latest snapshot:

openhab> bundle:list |grep -i zwave
223 │ Active   │  80 │     │ ZWave Binding

Same behavior - using HW switches in combination with lamella support is not updating OH.
Attached are 3 log files - naming describes the use-case.

node13_tilt_viaHWswitch.xml (5.6 KB)
node13_up_down_viaOpenHab.xml (89.0 KB)
node13_up_down_viaHWswitch.xml (22.2 KB)

Also attached the node.xml:
network_e117085e__node_13.xml (17.0 KB)

In all 3 log files the MANUFACTURER_PROPRIETARY message seems to hold the response back to OH, but is not decoded properly:

Thanks - I’ll take a look at this tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be hard to find, but I’ll need to write some tests to see why the CC isn’t being found.

Just some feedback on this - I know what the issue is at least. I need to have a bit more of a think about how to implement this so it will be a few days at least…

any progress?
Just let me know if you need some to test your latest build


I have been trying for several days to activate the protection mode of my Fibaro FGR222. Unfortunately I can not get it.

Here is my procedure:



Unfortunately, this does not work and I’m just too inexperienced.

My daughter has discovered the blinds switch, so I would like to lock them locally.

I hope you could help me.

Hmm, there actually are parameters #1 and #2 that according to the Fibaro manual if set should allow for local and RF protection, but I noticed they’re missing in my devices in habmin.
Checking the database entry for firmware up to 22.22, parameters #1 and #2 are in.
But the entry for firmware 24.24 and newer is actually lacking those.
I think that’s by mistake, probably is was overlooked because of the way the manual is written as it lists those first two parameters in a different section than all of the others.
I added those parameters to the database.
As with any DB update, this added functionality should become available in the next snapshot.

PS @chris I accidentially added another option to parameter #2 of the old device (#116 in DB) that I now fail to delete, could you please fix that.

Thank you in advance for the detailed explanation.
What, I have to do after updating the database to update my Fibaros?

As already mentioned, I have only recently been there and still have a lot to learn.
It will be fast with this great community.

Is the Konfiguartion, how I address the Protection Mode the right one?

Wait for the next snapshot version and install it. Once running, use habmin or PaperUI to change zwave parameter #1 of your device.

I saw last night that a new version of Zwave Snapshot with fixed protection mode was turned on.
Now my question before I do something wrong.
Can I only replace the snapshot version of the Zwave Binding from build # 428?
I have already found a manual that I understand here in the community.

Greetings Danny

I’m not sure what “protection mode” means? If this refers to the protection command class, then this has not been added yet. The changes yesterday were mainly to support issues relating to configuration changes.

This was my problem with the Fibaro Rollershutter.
In the configuration for this device there was no possibility to activate the protection mode of the local buttons.

If that understood correctly, this should now be possible.

No - as said above, the changes yesterday were mainly to support issues relating to configuration changes, and the protection command class has not been added.

ok, as I said I have to learn a lot.
How can I recognize a new snapshot or build version added to Protection Mode?

You can monitor this issue -: