Fibaro Smart Implant connected to a magnetic contact not working

I am testing Fibaro Smart Implant connected with a magnetic contact (ABUS MK1010). Currently the whole installation is on my desktop. Finally the magnetic contact should monitor open/close of a door.
The wire connection follows the recommendation of Fibaro:

Magnetkontakt Anbindung

openHAB item:

Switch Tuer_IN1_EG_Gartenhaus "Gartenhaustür Input 1 Alarm" (EG_Gartenhaus) {channel="zwave:device:7cd6bd6b:node37:alarm_burglar1"} 

openHAB rule:

rule "Door "
   Time cron "* 30 10 * * ?"
      logDebug("Ausgabe", "Gartentür IN1  = " + Tuer_IN1_EG_Gartenhaus)

When I start the rule, the debug output is as follows:

2021-12-28 10:30:00.407 [DEBUG] [lipse.smarthome.model.script.Ausgabe] - Gartentür IN1  = Tuer_IN1_EG_Gartenhaus (Type=SwitchItem, State=NULL, Label=Gartenhaustür Input 1 Alarm, Category=null, Groups=[EG_Gartenhaus])

The rule does not recognize the status of the magnetic contact open/close. Why not? The debug ouput above is repeated 60 times. What is the reason?

The thing parameters are as follows:

No. 20 Input 1 operating mode: “Normally closed alarm input”. All other parameters are default values.