Fibaro Smoke Sensor V2 enable siren


I bought an Fibaro Smoke Sensor V2 and included it in my Z-Wave Network. OH2 shows correct states like battery, temp or alarm status (temp,smoke,temper). There is also one item called only alarm. Here I thought if I enable this switch the siren will be enabled but nothing happens. How do I use the siren of the smoke sensor. Has sombody an working setup with this?

best regards René

It is not possible to trigger the siren in these devices - they are battery operated so do not listen for commands.


what is in case of an fire alarm (siren turns on) How do I disable it than if no command will be received by this device? Is this working with the alarm switch?

I’m not sure - maybe it listens when the siren is running, but it doesn’t normally listen (at least I assume that this is battery operated - if it’s mains operated, then that’s a different story). This is how zwave battery devices work.

Is what working with the alarm switch?


if I turn on and of the alarm switch nothing changes (no siren turns on). But If the alarm comes up it would be very bad if I couldnt disable it in the night for example. Maybe somebody with the same device tried it already.

Yes - as I said above, this won’t work. The device won’t listen most of the time to conserve the battery. It probably listens when the alarm is going as the siren will use a LOT more battery than the receiver - however I’ve not tested this myself…