Fibaro Switches constantly goes offline

Lately (at least a month) I have been struggeling with a new problem i OH2 Zwave
It is a common problem for all my Fibaro Relays /FGS222 and FGS221), where my Battery units finally seems to run smooth.

After the upgrade today, it seems that it won’t create the node xml file, thus the initialisation doesn’t succeed?

I have a DEBUG log. I have zipped the file to minimise size. And to allow me to upload the file I have renamed the zipfile to .xml extension. Just remove .xml from filename (224.9 KB)

It is node 6 and 9 that is causing problems in the log. Any Ideas???

Just to clearify myself, the porblem isn’t something that has started today. It has been there for a while. Previously the xml file has been created.

Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.

I have noticed one thing, when looking at my mesh network it seems that only a few of the powered devices is connected directly to the controller, thus the network itself could be better. The weird thing is though that it is ONLY the powered devices that goes offline.
This evening I have added one more powered Fibaro device, to hopefully that improves my zwave network.

If somebody have some suggestions I would be happy.