Fibaro wall plug. daily / weekly /monthly stats


I’ve set up a rule that resets the total daily used kWh, and this is working fine.
This also correctly shows up in the persistence i’ve set up.

but now i’m wondering as to how i would set up things like a ‘weekly kWh average’ or ‘kWh this week/month’.

Any ideas ?

we have those discussions regularly here,

  1. you use the counters from your system, if they provide those
  2. if Fibaro won’t do this: use persistence

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you Need to see, if your fibaro Gateway or your device (I don’t know fibaro) provides you with statistics, you can simply use

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you Need to Aggregate a Proxy item, fill it with your stats via rules or via persistence and you have it
search for Things like “powermeter, monthly, weekly” and so on, you’ll find plenty.

Sorry, must have missed the results in my search. I’ll look again. Thanks for taking the time to answer anyway!

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