Fibaro z wave universal sensor

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I don’t think hos really is a binding issue but think it could be configuration related in some how. I habe a z wave us dongle and several of z wave devices almost 15 of them. But my two universal sensors that is supposed do manage my doorbell wouldn’t really work. The second one witch just put into my network worked really good for the first half of the day but now it seems like it alwys sends command when it get powerd on from being off instead of eacj time spmeonr push the door bell. I changed confih paramaeter fo in 1 to noinstead of nc to make it wotk better with my installation otherwise on was off and vice versa. I really hope anyone have a really good idea.

This is my working doorbell config for the FGBS001:

Switch FibUniSens2_1 (gRestore,gInfluxdb) {channel="zwave:device:15ca6a108b9:node40:sensor_binary1"}

I did not change any default settings, my doorbell knob just gives a ground signal to the IN1 input …

BTW, there is a nice hardware setup from @Dries how to connect a doorbell to openHAB. I have the same setup, but am using the Fibaro Universal Sensor and a Fibaro Relay instead of the SOnOff:

Hi tnx for your input it seems lile ours configs are the same except that I haven’t assigned any gropus for my item. So maybe its a hardware failure since it seem to send data when it gets powerd up from beeing powerd off it also seems like it sends on command several times then.

Hello problem seems to be solwed right now did replace node wit pc controllersoftware but kept orogonal HW probably something going bad in the controller.

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