Fibaro's "The Button" FGPB-101 seems to have design flaw / missing QA

I do own “The Button” for years, but sadly never had the time to set it up. Today I configured it in OH2. I did have no luck, it sometimes did work, but sometimes did not. Pretty strange. I set loglevel do debug, compared the different outputs and digged through OH’s forum and Fibaro’s forum. I was surprised, that the issues has been found four (!) years ago:

Only one year ago, some guy offert tremendous help on the official fibaro forum, but did not get any response.

My guess: Fibaro is either unaware of the problem or tries to stick the head in the sand.

My advice, if you already own “The Button” raise a support ticket or similar and post on the forum at the vendor. They might swap your faulty one, but it seems to be just luck, if you get a flawless one or not.
My advice, if you think of buying “The Button”: Don’t do it. You might post at the vendor’s forum to ask if they fixed it.

If anybody has another solution to get these buttons working - pls enlighten me and the other users! :slight_smile:

That may depend on your world region. I know here in North America there appear to be other products with similar functionality.

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I will go that route. Sadly it did not find any similar design button.

Perhaps you can build a “frankenbutton” by replacing the electronics inside with those from a different button.


The fibaro button is complete junk - I mistakenly own two and both the software and hardware are utterly crap.
It is possible to configure them to work with openHAB, but the terrible battery design, and useless software mean only the long press is useful. Useful in the sense that it might trigger after three attempts!

My recommendation is to use either the Aeotec NanoMote Quad (4x buttons, USB rechargable - reliable), or a custom ESP8266 running Tasomota with your own buttons/ sensors/ PIR/ Temp, etc.

Of course, if you want a large button to go with your USB-powered custom Tasmota switch, you can rely on Pimoroni… :laughing::

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