File format for json-esk config files?

I need a little config file for something I am doing. Could someone let me know what ‘format’ it is that you see when you pick ‘Code’ to look at the channels in the main UI. It’s kind of json, but seems easier to type as less strict.

What is it and what java lib do you use to parse it?



Note, the YAML only exists in MainUI (i.e. on the browser). It is parsed and converted to JSON in MainUI prior sending it back to the OH server and vice versa. As far as I know, nothing in openHAB core uses YAML so there is no Java library.

that’s a good approach, json is easier to work with. what converts the yaml to json?

Something inside of MainUI. Probably some third party JavaScript library unless it comes with Vue or F7 already.

But YAML is a standard “language” used by tons and tons of systems. If your end goal is to understand how it works, there are tons and tons of tutorials and articles and books on it.