File format specification for a .things file?

Anyone know where the specification for the contents of a .things file resides? I’ve looked high and low and come up empty…

What I’m wanting is a real format specification that tells everything that’s allowed, not allowed, in what order, etc.


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I’m guessing that’s supposed to be a joke.
Good one.

I thank you for the attempt if you meant to be serious. However that doesn’t come close to being a specification.


documentation of OH2 is not a strong poing (hehe)

btw, here is a real joke:

What is the difference between a snow-man and a snow-woman?
snow balls ! :smile:

Harry provided the link to the high level spec for .things files. Beyond that it is up to the add-ons to define what goes in them.

Thing <binding_id>:<type_id>:<thing_id> "Label" @ "Location" [ <parameters> ]

There is your spec. That is the order, that is the format. The contents and format of everything in <> is specified by the individual binding.

Further documentation can be found here including how to define a bridge and channels.