Filtering items and events


When using I cannot filter events.

For example:
Clicking “Page 3” in the event log will open:
but the page will just refresh and show page 0 (i e, what I saw before)

Clicking on an item under items will open the following page:
But the page shown will show the non-filtered page 0 (i e “all events”).

Clicking “Last week” will refresh the page, but continue showing the latest events.

It has been like this for quite a while, do everyone experience the same behavior?

Am I the only one who experiences this?

Just checked and yes i can confirm all your observings.

Do you know any way of getting this resolved? Who is developing MyOpenHAB?

I‘m sorry but i don‘t know who maintains the oH Cloud.

I suppose @chris knows?

(Who maintains the OH cloud and how to go about getting filtering working there again)

Hi Andreas,

You are not the only facing this problem. The is an open issue:

Thanks, I updated the github issue with some more examples.