Finally got rid of my Revolv!

Yeah, I’m one of those suckers that bought a Revolv! To Google/Nest’s credit, the Revolv has continued to work even though new features weren’t being added or fixes being released. I had a bit of free time this weekend, and I finally had all of the pieces I needed, so I unplugged my Revolv and set up openHAB on a Raspberry Pi 2. Once I sat down to make the conversion I had pretty much everything switched over within half a day, although since openHAB is so much more configurable than Revolv I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past few days tweaking everything to my liking. The last piece that I neeed was the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 which I received last month. I’m also using a 2012 Insteon Hub that I kept from before I got the Revolv to connect my Insteon devices.

Right now, I’ve got 12 Insteon devices, 6 Z-Wave devices, a Nest Thermostat and two Nest Protects hooked up. Going forward I’m probably going to be sticking with Z-Wave devices, except that I need to replace a few standard smoke alarms with Protects. I’ve also got a few DIY projects in mind that’ll get hooked into openHAB.

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good news :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for sharing your experience …

I was also one of those “suckers” - although I was given a revolv as a tester. It had a lot of promise IMO, but then the $$$ showed up at the front door. However, I then became an even bigger sucker going to SmartThings. Ugh. I finally gave that up last week (not that I was really using it after all the struggles with it) and moved to OH2. Biggest regret is having a mixture of device types. That was only because I was testing the revolv. But, I mostly have Insteon devices right now and to be honest, love them.

I too love the endless options and configuration ability of OH2 - and the fact it’s totally open source so I can actually add things I need. Not that there’s anything at this point :slight_smile: Other than my yale locks running zwave everything just works. And, from what I’ve been keeping track of support for those is getting there.

Jeez, guess that I was just in time… There’s a notice on Revolv’s home page today that they are shutting down on May 15th!

wow. although not surprised.

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