Finaro Dimmer 2 install in 4way momentary circuit with 1 switch

I have been having trouble installing last dimmer in our flat in a circuit that has 3 momentary wall switches and one switch in a fuse box.
I have a spare Fibaro Dimmer module but not sure how to install it. The approach that i am trying is to to install the module prio to the fuse box switch. I am attaching the photos the switch:

Can someone point out how the dimmer module should be incorporated here?

Let me know if there is any additional info that i should provide,

Thanks in advance!

First point is: you need to obey your local laws when making changes to your home power circuitry.
Second point : ask an electrician if you don’t know how to do it.
Third point : look at the examples in your manual, there are a lot of.

Fourth point : I did the same to my circuitry and could not get it to work. I solved it with an additional low cost helper relay (something like this one which gets switched via the wall switches (voltage free) and then connects to the Fibaro Dimmer (voltage free) like described in the Fibaro manual. Works great.

Good luck.