Finding an Item's Thing and locate a different Item in Rules

I’ve got a bunch of thermostats which are each a Thing. Each thermostat-Thing has multiple items, for example an “Actual_Temperature”, a “Set_Temperature”, and an “Input_Temperature”. I’ve been trying to write a code which reads out what temperature they’re set at, and then if it varies from the Input_Temperature, adjust it.

Right now I have:

Transmit temperatures to thermostats
Temperature_Targetable.members.forEach[ item | 

(Temperature_Targetable is a group of all the Input_Temperature Items)

How can I select a group of all the “Input_Temeprature” items, and then for each one check it’s value, and find the associated “Input_temperature” item?

In pseudocode I’m imagining something like this:

var new_temperature = 21
for each( item that contains "set_temperature" ) {
    if(item.state =! new_temperature){
        thing = item.getThing
        item input = thing.getItem(contains "input_temperature")

A non-thing method, exploiting an Item naming convention.

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