Fine Offset Weather Station Binding: Discussion

Cool, I read the spec linked to from the binding page and looks like it was last updated in 2022 and doesn’t include any detail about the WFC01 - will try emailing Ecowitt/Fine Offset support to see if there’s a new version unless you know of another way to find out? Google didn’t help, nor did guessing filenames.

This is the right approach

Ok so it looks like the WFC01 (and the AC1100 smart plug) are a totally different generation of product that Ecowitt/Fine Offset are calling “IoT devices”.

You need to use either the GW2000 or GW1200 “IoT Gateway” to connect to them - and there’s an entirely different http/json API you need to use to get data and control those two devices.

Here’s the spec they sent me.
Local IOT API 20240528.pdf (149.5 KB)

I’ll look at buying the GW2000, WFC01 and maybe an AC1100 later this year and can have a crack at integrating them with the binding, although likely life will get in the way!

I bought a DP2000 7-in-1 Y-Edition and integrated it into OH4 using the binding. It worked straight away. All items were created automatically using VSC. Great binding!
I noticed that the value for solar radiation in OH and in the live data are very different. Do I need to do a conversion?

I have now solved my problem like this:
I convert the lx-value to W/m² using a rule.
I have not found any other way.