Fireangel Smoke Detector & SW-Module

Hello at all. Its my first Topic here.

This week I bought a new and not yet intigrated zwave item: The Fireangel ZW-Module. The Smoke Detectors are well tested ones and they’ve been working several years with a proprietary radio module. Now they offer a new zwave module also. There are smoke-, heat- and co²-detectors and they could all be combinied with the same zwave module.

The inclusion was not the challenge and its possible to get the battery. Now I’m struggling with the else configuration parameters. First there should be a assoziation group, but habmin don’t show it.

Thank for helping me. Fossi

You need to check if your device is in the database (I was not able to find it).

If not, add it:

I uploaded the xml file. :slight_smile:

I don’t know the configuration parameters or the association groups. What should be the next steps?

The database marks a fault: thingid contains invalid characters. How could I solve this?

Thanks for your help. Fossi

Looks like there are no config parameters and there’s just the lifeline group, so I think it’s ok. I’ll take a look over this later and will probably do a binding update with the database changes tonight.

I’ll fix it when I do the export.


I fixed the incalid character: It was the minus between ZST-630. Also the Association Group 1 I’ve added.

There should be some more sensors visible: Heat, Air-Temperature and Smokedensity.

Perhaps someone can help us.

As discussed on email, I would assume that these are reported through the multilevel sensor command class, and the fact that they are not there probably means that the device does not report them in the NIF (which is how the device tells users what commands it supports). If the device doesn’t notify us, then we don’t know what it does, and it won’t be supported.

It is possible to work around device bugs by configuring the database, but incorrectly doing this can cause even more problems.

I can take a look at a debug log to see what the initialisation looks like - ie to double check what the device is reporting. This will at least confirm that the database is consistent with what the device reports.

I could potentially purchase one to play with, but at the moment I can’t find it on the net anyway…

Please excuse me. I wouldn’t poll the email discussion here. It was just to make the points accessible for the community.

Thanks to your offer to investigate in this way.

The device is offerd by some more or less smaler internet shops for fire detection or home automation hardware. So when its ok I will buy a one and will sent it to you. Perhaps someone will help us in doing this - I will ask on Monday by telephone. is the german general distributer from fireangel. Perhaps they will support us.

Just a short questin: The Database actualisation will be included also in the cloudbees server?

I have to excuse, but there was still no time to test and transform my smarthome to OH2. So im still on OH 1.11 snapshot.

But when everything is implemented and the eves in the winters are to long, I try to change to OH2.

If it is ok, you can give me your post-address so i can send you the smoke detektor.

I just found an intresting article how to build zwave-devices. Very technician but now i have an idea what is nif in protocolstack.


Yes. It will be merged into the binding and built as part of the CI build on cloudbees.

Ok, we’ll need to add it to OH1 as well then - I normally don’t add new devices to OH1 unless someone specifically asks.

That would be great, thanks. I’ll send you this via email.

:frowning: Cloudbees wasn’t updated last night - packages still from friday night.

So I have to wait till tomorrow.

Sorry - I’ve done the export, but something has changed somewhere in the build system (in ESH/OH I think) and I’m trying to work out why. Once I’ve resolved this I’ll kick off build - it doesn’t necessarily have to wait until tomorrow if I solve it today).

I’ve just kicked off the build, so if it succeeds, then it should be done in around 30 minutes.

Sounds excellent. I will try it then.

Thanks for this unbelievable support.


At the moment no actual packages built.

Still waiting or somthing wrong?

What package are you after? The build did work the first time I ran it although the last time it failed due to the OH1 compatability later.

I think you should be able to install the latest ZWave binding from this though by uninstalling it in PaperUI and then installing it again (I’m not 100% sure though and maybe if you’re using some other package installer, this might not work).

Could you give me the link to your page?$org.openhab.binding.zwave/


I guess THAT one is not finished yet …

I just found the #177 under openhab2. So I will wait for OH1 build.

I have to check out OH2 but OH1 works so stable and makes just what I want, nothing else. So the WAV (wifes exeptance factor) is fantastic … :wink:

Ah - sorry, I forgot you are on OH1. I’ll do an OH1 update shortly.

I’ve kicked off a build of OH1 - not sure how long it will take, but hopefully it will be done in an hour or so.