Firefox rather slow/non responsive

Hi, after a year of waiting - right now i start to understand OH2 and beginning with configuration/setup.

I experienced very laggy/slow navigation (pop up) of the sites with PaperUI when using Firefox. All the time. sometimes even a warning "non responsive script…stop,…’ arrives.
Now i tried with Win10 IE and works/reacts a lot better.

Now i tried to find similar discussins in the forum, but nothing. Maybe i miss something in pre-requisite…using Firefox the latest version…any ideas / similar experiences.

Thanks Norbert

I’m using PaperUI mostly with FF and have never experienced any time lags.
Maybe you have to many FF addons installed? Or try deleting the cache …

It happens on slow machines for the Control page. An optimization was proposed and improved things.

thanks for the feedback.

not so many addons…only addblocker & Video Downloader thats it. Cache i deleted already, did not change a thing. Again, surprisingly with IE it works noticeable faster…no lag at all.

Lolodomo…what das “wsa promised and improved things”…mean…its already implemented? because i’m on snapshot.2.2 985build.

Machine is not the latest one but an i5 with 2Ghz…so rather acceptable if not a gaming machine…

The optimization is not yet merged. By the way, a new ESH build will then be required (ESH build in current OH snapshot is dated 26th June).