FireMotD slow after new installation of OH3.2 bullseye

I noticed that FireMotD is extremely slow on bullseye. When logging in it takes approximately 5 seconds until the command prompt appears. No big problem but anyway. After removing FireMotD from


there was no lag at all. So I removed FireMotD completely as it could be that it will not be developed further.
Just in case somebody else noticed that delay, too, and was wondering why.

How do you completely remove it? I also had to disable it since it makes logging in extremely slow.

I simply went through the installation docs :slight_smile:

sudo systemctl disable firemotd
sudo systemctl disable firemotd.timer
sudo apt remove moreutils
sudo apt remove jq
sudo apt remove sysstat 
sudo apt remove bc
sudo apt autoremove

sudo rm /opt/FireMotD -r
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/FireMotD
sudo rm /etc/bash_completion.d/FireMotD
sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/15firemotd

maybe some files are still around…

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Stupid me.
Indeed, thanks!