Firmware options for ESP32 sensor controler

What are the options for flashing a ESP32/NodeMCU/ESP8266 devices?

I have tried Arduino, Mongoose OS, TASMOTA
I’m wondering if there are any other, TASMOTA was pretty good except I had some issues with boot-up signal which I couldn’t control.
Mongoose, seems good but I had some stability issues with the environment and Arduino requires a fair bit of programming which is ok but needs alot of time to get something up and running.

If anyone has any others worth trying…

Note I have a temp sensor, a single relay switch, Reed switch and a double relay switch.

The only others I know of are ESPurna and ESPeasy. I haven’t tried them though, as Tasmota works fine on my devices.

I mainly use ESPeasy… like the simple setup, script options. Has been running rather stable here with for devices with uptime >1y

I mainly use ESPeasy. It is very stable and mature option and allows a high level of control. I have used Tasmota for sensors not supported by ESPeasy witch is also a good option. I didn’t try any other since I prefer to keep sensors devices as “standard” as possible in order to reduce the maintenance and knowledge effort.

I’m pretty impressed with ESPhome, use it with mqtt for simple temp humidity sensors, analog ledstrips and now building a node for keeping track of temperatures in the BBQ.