First installation openHabian on Pi3 rasbee deconz issue

Hello everyone,

i am a new user of thsi great forum and a new italian user of openhab.
I wish to introduce domotics in my home but i really need some beginning tips to go on.
My situation is ths:
-i have installed openhabian on my raspberry pi 3+ lan connected
-i start to use the system and i wish to connect my xiaomi temeperature and humidity sensor
-i do not have the gateway of xiaomi/aqauara but i have the rasbee installed on my Pi3.
-i found in the list of binding the “deconz” app
Here i stop! So please help me in this:
-I wish to know how to let the system know of the presence of the raspbee, do i need to install it in some way by command line?
-I try to use the app login but the system did not found my gateway
-the binding deconz is anyway offline whei i add in the list

Please give me some support.

thank you in advance


The first step is to get deconz/phoscon working before you move to openhab.

There are some menu items in openhabian to setup the raspee. I don’t remember where it is something with serial ports. YOu can try to run those then see if the phoscon app sees your gateway. If it does and you see your sensors then you can move to openhab and connect the deconz and hue binding. Both are used for the deconz setup depending on what items you want to control.

So step one get Phoscon working. For me to do it, I initially had to run the deconz app gui to select gui. It appears that if you use the openhabian menu items though you may not need to do this. I had to initially to find out why phoscon was not working.