First simple sitemap and items problem OH2

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get my first sitemap and items (below) to show up in the interface (classicui and paperUI), but I think I am missing some information.

I took a basic sitemap from the tutorial and modified it a bit, stripping most items to keep it simple. Then a snapshot release without any configs just adding two configs of my own : one item file and one sitemap file. PaperUI is working, I added a Sonos system there. Openhab2 is loading “haus.sitemap” and “haus.items”, so that seems ok:

2015-10-06 10:16:12.548 [INFO ] [.e.s.m.c.i.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘haus.sitemap’

2015-10-06 10:16:13.415 [INFO ] [.e.s.m.c.i.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘haus.items’

My Problem: calling http://openhab:8081/classicui?sitemap=haus shows an empty white screen (yes I am running on port 8081). Looking at PaperUI I can not see my items (Groups , Switch). Only in Habmin2 I can see the the items.

What am I missing ?

File “Haus.item” in conf/items :

// Gruppen
Group gEG // Gruppe Erdgeschoss
Group gGa // Gruppe Garten
Group gOG // Gruppe Obergeschoss

Group EG_Kueche “Kueche” (gEG)
Group EG_Esszimmer “Esszimmer” (gEG)
Group EG_WC “WC” (gEG)
Group EG_Wohnzimmer “Wohnzimmer” (gEG)
Group EG_GastEG “GastEG” (gEG)
Group EG_Flur “Flur EG” (gEG)
Group EG_Windfang “Windfang” (gEG)
Group EG_Anbau “Anbau” (gEG)
Group EG_Werkstatt “Werkstatt” (gEG)
Group EG_HWR “HWR” (gEG)

Group OG_Schlafzimmer “Schlafzimmer” (gOG)
Group OG_Kinderzimmer1 “Kinderzimmer1” (gOG)
Group OG_Kinderzimmer2 “Kinderzimmer2” (gOG)
Group OG_Bad “Bad” (gOG)
Group OG_Flur “Flur OG” (gOG)
Group OG_Waesche “Waesche OG” (gOG)
Group OG_Buero “Buero OG” (gOG)

Group Ga_Terasse “Terasse” (gGa)
Group Ga_Rasen “Rasen” (gGa)

Switch Licht_OG_Kinderzimmer1_Regal1 “Licht Kinderzimmer1 Regal1” (OG_Kinderzimmer1)
Number Temperature_EG_HWR “Temperature [%.1f °C]” (gEG_HWR)

File “Haus.sitemap” in conf/sitemaps:

sitemap haus label=“Hauptmenue”
Frame {
Group item=gOG label=“Obergeschoss” icon=“firstfloor”
Group item=gEG label=“Erdgeschoss” icon=“groundfloor”
Group item=gGa label=“Garten” icon=“groundfloor”

I think the URL is :