First time with OpenHab2 Help needed

  • Platform information: Pi3 openhabian


Could someone help plase? Just got oh2 running and added binding for samsung tv so i can niw control its volume from oh dashboard… Now i also added hue emulation and want to add that volume control so its visible to amazon"new"echo - i want to control volume by alexa.
In completelystuck, any help will be appreciated

Read the first couple of posts and you should be good to go:

Official Alexa Smart Home Skill for openHAB 2

Edit: okay, HUE emulation is a different story, take a look here:

and you need to tag your items with “Switchable” or “Lighting” according to the homekit syntax:

But where do I tag it. The items file doesn’t exist

This is unfortunately a bit uncomfortable if you are not using textual items files, you can a find a way how to do it here (start at “Avoiding the terminal”):