FitnessSyncer Oauth API binding

I will like to create or have something for getting API json from an Oauth2 service.

Where to start?

They give me an API code and secret code…

If it uses Oauth authentication I think you will either have to write a new binding or implement the connections and access to the data in an external script called from OH using the exec binding or executeCommandLine.

Here is a library for oauth for Python 2.6.

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You have an example of python code for Oauth2 use with this lib?

I’ve install exec plugin and my python is 2.7.9 on my raspberryPi with openhabian installed.

No, it has been a long time since I’ve done anything with oauty and that was with Google do I used those libraries. But that link should have the docs and examples. If not, search for “how to python oauth 2”

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