[FIXED] Osram Bulb not responding on OpenHAB2 / conbee II Setup

Hi everyone,

I have the following setup:

  • conbee II USB Dongle connected to a Rapsberry Pi 3
  • Phoscon App (Dresden Elektronik) installed on this Raspberry Pi
  • Virtual Machine in my network running OpenHAB2
  • OpenHAB2 connected to the conbee offered by phoscon
  • OSRAM bulbs connected to phoscon
  • Corresponding things added via phoscon to OpenHAB - setup via Paper UI
  • channels for brightness and color temperature of bulbs added as items, linking done via items file connecting the hue-channel.

I use this setup for a number of similar OSRAM bulbs. But for one group of bulbs installed in a lamp in one room I experience the problem, that when sending commands to all 4 bulbs only a subset of these bulbs react to the command. On the other when sending a similar command from the PWA (phoscon web app) all 4 bulbs react reliably. I do not really know whether it is of importance, but the bulbs are all members of a PWA group - for similar groups this works without any problems.

I am looking for an advice where to start looking - I am really lost on identifying where to start my debugging. Any hint and any help is much appreciated. If there is any kind of information amiss, please let me know and I will provide it.

Thank you everyone in advance


Do you send the command to the LightGroup thing containing the 4 bulbs or did you define a group for the bulbs in OpenHAB?

Hi Bernd,

thank you very much for your fast reply.
I have one item per bulb. And I do a smarthome:send $item ON - with no effect.
And no rule is interfering.
EDIT: But I also used to have a Group:Dimmer:AVG - this did not work, either.

Thank you again and best regards


Can you post your item definition?

Slightliy modified (translations, bridge-id):
Dimmer Children_Ceiling_Bulb1_Brightness "Brightness Bulb 1" <dimmer> (gChildren_Light_Dimmer_Ceiling) {channel="hue:0220:00212E05111:7:brightness"}

Ok, so you have separate items for every bulb and you defined a group in OpenHAB. I have a similar configuration, which works fine for me.

But if you have defined a group in the Phoscon App, there should also be a LightGroup thing in your Inbox in OpenHAB.
Maybe you can try using this LightGroup, instead of the 4 separate bulbs?

LightGroups/HueGroups are not available in older versions of OpenHAB. I got them after upgrading to OpenHAB 2.5.4

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Thank you for the suggestion.
But actually I do not have a LightGroup in my inbox - how does a corresponding thing look like?

Which version of OpenHAB are you running exactly? I got the LightGroup things after upgrading to OpenHAB 2.5.4. Did not have them in 2.4

Well, your current setup should also work. I will check my item definition tomorrow and post it here. Maybe this can help.

Thank you very much. I just upgrade the docker container and will take a look at my inbox instantly.

EDIT: just checked and the LightGroups appeared in my inbox. I will check it tomorrow - since as you might have imagined, at this time of day almost everybody at home is asleep and if lighting goes wrong this will most certainly change and lead to annoyance :wink:

Thanks again very much - I will update tomorrow.

Here is the example from my dining room with 4 bulbs in one lamp, where I don’t use the LightGroup, but define a group in OpenHAB.

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomOnOff "Esszimmer An/Aus" (gGroundFloorOnOff)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gDiningRoomDimmer "Esszimmer Dimmer" (gGroundFloorDimmer)
Group:Color:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomColor "Esszimmer Farbe" (gGroundFloorColor)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gDiningRoomColorTemp "Esszimmer Farbtemperatur" (gGroundFloorColorTemp)
Group:String gDiningRoomAlert "Esszimmer Alarm" (gGroundFloorAlert)
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gDiningRoomColorLoop "Esszimmer Farbschleife" (gGroundFloorColorLoop)

Switch LightDiningRoom1_OnOff "EZ1 An/Aus" (gDiningRoomOnOff) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom1_Dimmer "EZ1 Dimmer" (gDiningRoomDimmer) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:color" }
Color LightDiningRoom1_Color "EZ1 Farbe" (gDiningRoomColor) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom1_ColorTemp "EZ1 Farbtemperatur" (gDiningRoomColorTemp) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:color_temperature" }
String LightDiningRoom1_Alert "EZ1 Alarm" (gDiningRoomAlert) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:alert" }
Switch LightDiningRoom1_ColorLoop "EZ1 Farbschleife" (gDiningRoomColorLoop) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:10:effect" }

Switch LightDiningRoom2_OnOff "EZ2 An/Aus" (gDiningRoomOnOff) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom2_Dimmer "EZ2 Dimmer" (gDiningRoomDimmer) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:color" }
Color LightDiningRoom2_Color "EZ2 Farbe" (gDiningRoomColor) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom2_ColorTemp "EZ2 Farbtemperatur" (gDiningRoomColorTemp) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:color_temperature" }
String LightDiningRoom2_Alert "EZ2 Alarm" (gDiningRoomAlert) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:alert" }
Switch LightDiningRoom2_ColorLoop "EZ2 Farbschleife" (gDiningRoomColorLoop) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:9:effect" }

Switch LightDiningRoom3_OnOff "EZ3 An/Aus" (gDiningRoomOnOff) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom3_Dimmer "EZ3 Dimmer" (gDiningRoomDimmer) {     channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:color" }
Color LightDiningRoom3_Color "EZ3 Farbe" (gDiningRoomColor) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom3_ColorTemp "EZ3 Farbtemperatur" (gDiningRoomColorTemp) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:color_temperature" }
String LightDiningRoom3_Alert "EZ3 Alarm" (gDiningRoomAlert) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:alert" }
Switch LightDiningRoom3_ColorLoop "EZ3 Farbschleife" (gDiningRoomColorLoop) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:18:effect" }

Switch LightDiningRoom4_OnOff "EZ4 An/Aus" (gDiningRoomOnOff) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom4_Dimmer "EZ4 Dimmer" (gDiningRoomDimmer) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:color" }
Color LightDiningRoom4_Color "EZ4 Farbe" (gDiningRoomColor) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:color" }
Dimmer LightDiningRoom4_ColorTemp "EZ4 Farbtemperatur" (gDiningRoomColorTemp) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:color_temperature" }
String LightDiningRoom4_Alert "EZ4 Alarm" (gDiningRoomAlert) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:alert" }
Switch LightDiningRoom4_ColorLoop "EZ4 Farbschleife" (gDiningRoomColorLoop) { channel="hue:0210:001788636e1a:17:effect" }

Please note that the group defined here for the dining room is member of another group for the ground floor. So just for completeness, here is the other group definition:

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gHouseOnOff "Haus An/Aus"
Group:Dimmer:MAX gHouseBrightness "Haus Dimmer"
Group:Color:OR(ON,OFF) gHouseColor "Haus Farbe"
Group:Dimmer:MAX gHouseColorTemp "Haus Farbtemperatur"
Group:String gHouseAlert "Haus Alarm"
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gHouseColorLoop "Haus Farbschleife"

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gGroundFloorOnOff "Erdgeschoss An/Aus" (gHouseOnOff)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gGroundFloorDimmer "Erdgeschoss Dimmer" (gHouseBrightness)
Group:Color:OR(ON,OFF) gGroundFloorColor "Erdgeschoss Farbe" (gHouseColor)
Group:Dimmer:MAX gGroundFloorColorTemp "Erdgeschoss Farbtemperatur" (gHouseColorTemp)
Group:String gGroundFloorAlert "Erdgeschoss Alarm"
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gGroundFloorColorLoop "Erdgeschoss Farbschleife" (gHouseColorLoop)

My sitemap looks like this

sitemap Licht label="Licht"
	Frame label="Erdgeschoss"
		Switch item=gGroundFloorOnOff
		Slider item=gGroundFloorDimmer
		Colorpicker item=gGroundFloorColor
		Slider item=gGroundFloorColorTemp
		Switch item=gGroundFloorAlert mappings=[NONE="None", SELECT="Alert", LSELECT="Long Alert"]
		Switch item=gGroundFloorColorLoop

	Frame label="Esszimmer"
		Switch item=gDiningRoomOnOff
		Slider item=gDiningRoomDimmer
		Colorpicker item=gDiningRoomColor
		Slider item=gDiningRoomColorTemp
		Switch item=gDiningRoomAlert mappings=[NONE="None", SELECT="Alert", LSELECT="Long Alert"]
		Switch item=gDiningRoomColorLoop

Hi Bernd,

thank you again for your extensive support.
I have gotten around to add the LightGroups that appeared after the OpenHAB2 Upgrade to my items.
Now it looks like this:

Switch Children_Ceiling_Groupswitch "Groupswitch Bulbs Ceiling" <switch> (children) {channel="hue:group:00212E051111:4:switch"}

I tested this setup using the OpenHAB2 Android App and all 4 bulbs reacted. Problem seems to be fixed.
Although I still don’t understand why the other setup (building a group of bulbs using OpenHAB2-grouping mechanisms) did not work.

Again: thank you very much. I will mark this thread as fixed.

Could you add your suggestion to upgrade OpenHAB2 to a version >= 2.5.6 (I think) to the post I marked as solution? Then every necessary information to reproduce the solution would be in place.


Hi Patrick,
great, that it now works for you!

I did some tests yesterday with another group that contains 6 bulbs and I also saw that sometimes not all 6 did react. Have to change my setup to also use the “Hue Groups” instead of the OpenHAB groups :wink: