Floor heating solutions


i’m a searching for a floor heating solution with an open interface for openhab.

In Germany, underfloor heating with individual room control is used as standard in a new building.

I dont need thermostats for controlling the room temperature and want to use existing temperature sensors for setting the actual temperature. Openhab should set the target and actual temperature, the heating control should do the regulation.

I found the following solutions:

Moehlenhoff Alpha 2 (prefered) (XML interface)
Controme (HTTP interface)

Did you know other solutions?



I’m also based in Germany and I’m looking for replacement underfloor water heating room controllers. Do you know if the valves can be controlled by any third party room controller or do they have to be controlled by the valve vendors controller? The controllers i have are Cosmo branded and wired to the valves.

With regards to your question, I’ve not found any alternatives to those you’ve posted, but if i do I’ll post them here.

Of course, you can connect them to any actuator and control them yourself through OH.
If you insert a generic device with inputs and outputs between controller and valve, you can have both in parallel.