Floorplan - Error Saving Floorplan

Hopefully simple ?!?!
I am trying to create a floorplan however, whenever I try and save it I am getting ‘Error Saving Floorplan’…
I’ve tried on both the Cloud Habmin and also the local Habmin…
Any help greatly appreciated !



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Try posting in the HabMIN category for a quicker response. :wink: Click the pencil icon at the end of your title then the drop down arrow to scroll through the categories.

I would like to help but don’t use HabMIN.

Many of the features if HABmin have not been kept up over the years. I don’t know if the floor plan is over if those areas that have been ignored it not. For the most part, we only recommend HABmin for administering Zwave it Zigbee. All other uses may or may not work.

Thanks H102 ! I did look but not well enough ! (it’s like a minefield to us newbies !!!) :slight_smile:

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Hi Rich - Many thanks for clearing that up !
I made particular note to “over the years” - Shows how far behind I am ! I deem all this to be very new !