Folder setup for development with openhab 2.5 M3

Dear community,

these days I need to get back into development and downloaded the current milestone build. I extracted the runtime files and downloaded the addons as a kar file. Moreover I saw in the github-repo-addons-readme that the webui is neither part of the runtime nor of the current main addons repo. So I downloaded this webui-master repo too.

So now my workspace consists of 3 folders: openhab-2.5.0.M3, openhab2-addons, openhab-webui - what are the next steps to build the modules and add them to the runtime. Moreover I got no idea, if the kar file fits my needs, because when I want to create my own addons, then it is necessary to rebuild all addons, isn’t it? Therefore I have downloaded the corresponding zip-file of the github-addons-folder.

Best regards,

What do you want to develop? If it’s a binding see this post: