[folderwatcher] Folder Watcher Binding


Recently I’ve been working on a new binding that allows you to monitor for new files on local drive and FTP(s) folder. So I’m looking for some beta testers that would like to use it and report any bugs.
If somebody wants to test it JAR file is here https://openhab.jfrog.io/artifactory/libs-pullrequest-local/org/openhab/addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.folderwatcher/3.1.0-SNAPSHOT/org.openhab.binding.folderwatcher-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

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Thank you for this. I bought a reolink camera before I realised it didn’t have great API support.

I plan to use this binding to create motion detection alerts by monitoring the FTP folder that the camera writes to.

Looks like you have surmounted most hurdles in the PR process. I’ll try and test out the binding in coming days.

The binding in ready and will be integrated in OpenHAB 3.1

Thank you very much, that is really great news! I can now re-write my remaining node-red flows into openHAB rules using your binding. Has been quite a journey going through the PR process I noticed…

Thx again.

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Hi, a really nice found this new Binding…
Thanks a lot!

Can I put it on OH3.0.1?


Well, I ask myself, I have it runnig now. Thanks!

Hello to all… I have a problem with folderwatcher, but I don’t know how to find the “bug”. I have been using this binding, with three things, one for each ftp folder that I want to monitor. The ftp folders are used by 3 IP cameras to upload moviment detections videos.

This works great a lot of time, but suddenly, now two of the things doesn’t detect new “uploads”. I have checked permissions, that the cam upload videos, all seems to be ok. In fact, there is the same place as the other cameras, only diferent folder. Nothing has changed, but now, only one of the three things seems to fire the “newfile” channel.

Any suggestion to check what could be happen?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for this great binding!

Hello, do you see any messages in OpenHAB logs?
One thing that you can try is to delete temporary file that stores a list of files in each monitored location. It is located in FolderWatcher folder under userdata folder.

Nothing on openhab.log, or events.log, and also channel firing is not executing because I have logs here. Good to know this temporary files!, I just delete the one of the camera that doesn’t work. I see also that the other cameras “temporary” are much newer than the one of the camera that doesn’t work. I try now if it works and report here.

Thanks in advance.

I have deleted the temporary file… and actually it doesn’t create it again. Very strange, the other two are working without problem… any suggestions that can I test?


I have deleted the thing, on things file, and recreated it (copy - paste), and now it works again :woman_shrugging::see_no_evil:
Thanks for this useful binding!