For Loop With Variable [Solved]

No, the Bionaire_TransmitCommand.sendCommand(“Speed”) is the IR item, not the speed item itself, which is BionaireSpeed

But how are you getting BionaireSpeed, and wouldn’t it be increasing after sending the IR command?

Yes, I’m going to remember this.
The } error i fixed shortly after posting, so that’s my fault for not clarifying; same with incrementing.
Was this in the docs? If so, sorry…

No. They’re not related. BionaireSpeed is more of a frontend, while Bionaire_TransmitCommand is the LIRC item, which i can send all the other commands to the fan, like Power, Speed, Timer, Mode and Oscillation.

Ok cool. So BionaireSpeed is a dumb Number item for sending the speed. Glad your up and running!