For OH3, what is the best method for updating a single binding to the latest snapshot build?

There are several posts out there, some dated, on how to update an individual binding to the latest snapshot build. Someone developed a script that automates the process, specifically for ZWave and Zigbee bindings. Others recommend uninstalling your old binding, and placing the snapshot build .jar file in the addons directory. Others recommend doing it from the console, as documented here:

Is there a tutorial or best practice for how to do this with OH3?

… is the easiest and also recommended way, if you need to install a (snapshot) binding manually. Using the Karaf console does not provide any functional advantages from user perspective.

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Thanks for the info. And the uninstall/reinstall doesn’t mess with your Things? Meaning they don’t have to be rediscovered or recreated? I would hope not, just want to make sure!

I had no problems so far, however I am using config files and not the OpenHAB UI (yet). I’m not sure what happens to “Item Links” created via the OpenHAB UI when the corresponding binding is deleted.

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I used config files for Items, but OH3 for Things. I tested your method with the ZWave binding and it appeared to work. all the things reconnected to the newly installed binding, no changes required