For what is this file for ?openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar

I used OpenHAB2 b3 to b5 in teh past. In this version the bindings are single .jar files which can be downloads from the internet. I think this is changed in release version of OpenHAB2.

I read in the installation docu of OpenHAB2 release that I have to put this file into addons folder. But for what is this file needed? Are there the 2.0 bindings in this file for offline use?

The kar file contains a snapshot of all the add-ons. This file is only important if you don’t want to have openHAB downloading any binding you want to install. This file corresponds to previous offline distribution.

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Exactly :slight_smile: (not only the 2.x but also the 1.x bindings are included within the openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar file)

Thanks for the quick reply. As I understood, after copy file openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar to addons folder, openHAB2 will automatically extract it to C:\OpenHAB2\userdata\kar\openhab-addons-2.0.0\org\openhab\binding to use it?

I think that you will have to install the binding that you want to use first (from Paper UI) (after you download the .kar and place it in the C:\openHAB2\addons folder)
I don’t think that it automatically extracts the .jars… I haven’t tested this since I use the “Access Remote Repository” option

Yes, you’re right. They will not be automatically installed.
Another question, how to update a single binding to a newer version from snapshot without updating all the other bindings? Sometimes I need the new zwave binding but do not touch all other running bindings. In the past I just downloaded the zwave.jar binding file in copied it to the bindings directory. Now all bindings are included in the .kar file. Is it possible to extract just one bindings from this .kar file to use it?

I just tested it on a Win machine: openHAB 2 actually unpacks all bindings from C:\openHAB2\addons\openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar to C:\openHAB2\userdata\kar\openhab-addons-2.0.0\org\openhab\binding subfolders :slight_smile:

It doesn’t install the bindings… just makes them available offline for you.

So, to update the Z-Wave binding, you should replace the C:\openHAB2\userdata\kar\openhab-addons-2.0.0\org\openhab\binding\org.openhab.binding.zwave\2.0.0\org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.0.0.jar that was unpacked from the openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar. (It should work… I haven’t tested this)

I’m not sure if this will work.

If I will update the C:\openHAB2\addons\openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar to a newer version, then OpenHAB2 will extract all included bindings to C:\openHAB2\userdata\kar\openhab-addons-2.0.0\org\openhab\binding… automatically, not only the wished zwave binding. The other bindings will not installed, yes, but the .jar files will replaced. This is what I don’t want. I want to have more controll of which binding will be replaced, like in the past. If I update zwave-binding.jar in teh past, I just replace this one, no other bindings. But now, no single binding file for a needed binding exists. Only this .kar file with all bindings included. This is why I ask how to fix this.

You can do it through the karaf console. See the Updating the Image section of the Dock Installation tutorial for instructions.

So if you have online install (i.e. default) pointed at the snapshot but don’t apt-get upgrade it you can update just those bindings you want to.

It’s not ideal but it would work.

Though if the KAR file does automatically upgrade all the currently installed bindings I may need to add to our update those instructions. Getting the add-ons updated is one of the time spots when running OH in Docker.