Forbidden 403 - not acces from internet

Hi masters :slight_smile:
have changes:

try to open external link
in browser:
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
in iphone app
request failed: forbidden (403)
what i do wrong?

in local… is ok, request user/password and normal access.

Did you create a username and password?

where ? in …/users.cfg ? yes.


mey be need another plase ?

See the Authentication Section:

It should be in users.cfg.

403 is a security problem so I’m not sure what could be the problem. I’ve moved on to OH 2 so I can’t run tests on my own.

yes it 1st to read&
my settings look identical documentation.
the local network identification is requested when there is no description of the parameter security: netmask = / 24,
If a parameter is not requested identification. From both LANs resource opens well and without problems.

if it was just so clear and I would have a question to all.

Does anyone have the direction to solve this problem?

If you have set security:option=EXTERNAL then there should not be a request for username and password if called from local LAN.
If your ip adress from your openHAB server is, then your security:netmask should be

i’s correct, and i’s work.

But i still not have connect from WAN!
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

How are you trying to connect form outside your LAN? Via or via some kind of proxy?

Via my gpon router. (Configuring ddns and port forwarding)

Then check your firewall in your operating system if the port forwarding is coming through.

no any firewall
port 8080 up in system by service openhab, i think this limitation is do service openhab, because other web services is working normal.

10x, its no port forwarding on local machine.