Forcing to send KNX-updates regularly, regardless of changing values

I get temperature alerts and wind alerts from a non-KNX weather station. I’d like to send these values regularly to the KNX-Bus (for use of wind alarms and frost alarms).
I have the impression, that openHAB only sends changes to items to the KNX-bus. Is there a way to force the KNX-Update even, if the value hasn’t changed, meaning to send “OFF” every 5minutes until theres some frost and then sending “ON”…


Switch	Binder_Windalarm1	"Windalarm 1"	(gBinder)	{ knx="3/0/0" }
Switch	Binder_Frostalarm	"Frostalarm"	(gBinder)	{ knx="3/0/4" }
rule "Frost- und Windschutz"
	Time cron "0 */5 * * * ?"
	// die Items Binder_Frost (ON/OFF) und Binder_Wind (ON/OFF) beziehen ihre Daten vom Wetter
	sendCommand(Binder_Frostalarm, Binder_Frost)
	sendCommand(Binder_Windalarm1, Binder_Wind)

Isn’t there a “force-update”-functionality somewhere? :wink:

nevermind! It was a typo in my config.which meant, I didn’t update the right knx-GA.
The above rule does change the KNX-GA every 5mins regardless of the previous state of the OH2-items.