changing to - will the binding still work?


I’ve been using the weather binding and just got an email saying they are discontinuing it and moving to Does anyone know if this will have an impact on the openhab binding? They say old applications will continue to work but to swap asap.

From them;

Hi there,

You’re receiving this
email since you have an account registered with us at

Sorry for the long
radio silence: we’ve been working very hard on a lot of new things, and we’re
finally starting to roll them out! As API developers, we wanted to let you know
about them.

First, we’re
consolidating our branding under the Dark Sky name, getting rid of
entirely. We’ve found that people often don’t realize the two are related, and
this causes a lot of confusion.

Also, a lot of people
seem to pronounce it “forecasteoh” and not “forecast dot eye oh”, and that
drives us bonkers!

This means a few
things for you as a developer:

developer portal is now
attribution requirement of the Terms of Service have changed.
Attribution should: Display
“Powered by Dark Sky”Link
make this change at your earliest convenience!The
API endpoint has changed from to

The previous endpoint
will continue to work, but please change your software as soon as possible.

Secondly, we’ve
rewritten our developer site from the ground-up. It should now be much easier
to use, and will allow us to add new developer features much more quickly and
easily than we were able to before.

Expect further updates
in the near future, and please let us know if you run into any bugs!

Thirdly, we hate bothering
you with emails, so we’ve created a Dark Sky Status Blog that you can use to keep
on top of any updates or outages with the API. You can find it at

Finally, we wanted to
let you know that we’re getting very close to finishing up work on a brand-new
weather forecasting model, which should drastically improve our global

We’ll let you know
when it’s ready, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your
continued support!

Adam, Jay, and the
Dark Sky Team <3

For me it sounds like no immediate action is required because the will continue to work. But of cource the endpoint address should be changed in the binding’s configuration. Not sure whether this is possible in the OpenHAB config file or must be done in the sources.