Format of time shown top/right on Habpanel

This must have been asked before but I cannot find it.
Habpanel shows the time top right. In 12h AM/PM format.
How can I make it show the time in 24h format as is usual on this continent?

Same for the Date / Time at the bottom of the left pane

In the UI /regional settings are set for Germany, “Deutschland” in fact. Timezone Europe/Berlin.
Where else can/should I set regional settings for the time format in habPanel?

openHAB 3.2 on debian 10.11

I’m not aware of any setting for that in HPV. I think you’ll need to submit a feature request to add a setting or have the clock follow the Android device’s time format.

Alternatively, run HPV in Kiosk mode and add a clock widget so that you can customize the formatting.

At least for the top right corner this works fine:



Oh thanks, it was hiding in plain sight.

Yep, I also missed that!